Vashi Railway Station Commercial Complex Limited is a City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Limited (CIDCO) promoted public limited company incorporated under the companies Act, 1956.

Formed for the purpose of operations,maintenance and estate functions of the Vashi Railway Station Complex (excluding the Railway Area like Subways, Platform and the Forecourt area), vide CIDCO Order No.CIDCO/MD/VRSCCL dated 27/07/2009.

All the powers and functions of the CIDCO pertainings to the Vashi Railway Station Commercial Complex have been vested with M/s.Vashi Railway Station Commercial Complex Limited (VRSCCL).

  Mission and Vision

To develop, operate and maintain the Vashi International Infotech park in such manner that it will help to enrich the quality of life for occupants and visitors alike and preserve it for generations.


Provide clean and safe environment. Provide effiecient maintenance services from time to time. Effectively plan for the future needs of the IT park occupants. Continually strive to improve existing facilities while seeking opportunities for future developments.